Why we partnered with Advantech

We started Overview in 2018 because after years of building automation equipment for Tesla, we became frustrated with the experience of trying to implement vision systems for quality checks.   Vision to us meant $30,000 in hardware, no connectivity, an ancient user interface, and a requirement of steep technical knowledge and training.   It also meant […]

Case Study – MPE, Inc.

Medical Device Manufacturer MPE, Inc., Automates Production Line Visual Inspection Using Artificial Intelligence Achieving Zero Defects with AI-based Image Verification Improves Customer Satisfaction For over 40 years, MPE-Inc has been a leading design and manufacturing partner to healthcare and technology OEMs providing subcomponent and finished populated systems. Their core competencies include product design and engineering, high […]

Deep Learning Data Scientist/Engineer

The Job   Factories are highly complex systems. In some cases the manufacturing can happen too fast for humans to interact with. In other cases, workers are exposed to dangerous, physically demanding, and repetitive tasks all day long. In either case, at Overview we help the workers by providing factories with state-of-the-art AI solutions, to […]

ML Ops Engineer

The Job At Overview we are building an end-to-end computer vision platform to democratize manufacturing’s access to state of the art deep learning. Delivering on reliable and accurate models is a key component of this. We are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of DL infrastructure.  Hands on responsibilities will include Implement […]

Full Stack Engineer

The Job   At Overview, we use the data generated by our platform, to create state of the art deep learning models and to provide insights that were previously unknown. We give customers realtime views into their factory health, quality trends, shift performance, etc. We also integrate with their automation systems to execute real improvements […]

Infrastructure Software Engineer

The Job At Overview, we understand that every factory is configured differently. Every plant has their own internal IT infrastructure. Some places require on-prem deployments and some want cloud deployments. At the core of the Overview promise is reliability. We want our customers to believe in and rely on our platform. This means that things […]

Case Study – Heater Assembly

Heater Assembly Inspection Error check before cover placement Challenge: Customer’s manual inspection process was error prone. Desire to automate cover assembly meant current inspection process would interfere with the automation. Solution: Using Overview’s Basic Error algorithm, this heater is checked for all parts in place, correct wiring, proper wire connections, and absence of foreign objects. […]

Automated Visual Inspection in the Age of Covid-19

The pandemic has accelerated the move away from manual inspection The United States faced a growing labor shortage in manufacturing before the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the nation. While many manufacturers have been deemed essential, many of their employees fear going  back to work until a vaccine is widely available. Unfortunately, medical authorities are predicting that […]