The Snap Platform

A turnkey machine vision system that handles everything from device management to algorithm development to support your quality and traceability goals.
All supported remotely by our in-house experts with zero on-site machine learning experience necessary.

A simple platform architecture

Camera stations are easy to setup

The Snap Platform combines cameras, data and algorithms using stations. Stations can be controlled manually by operators or run automatically. You can inspect products at high speed or catalog shipments for damage disputes.
An operator can trigger the image and data capture, in order to:

Add automated inspection to manual production line

Inspect and check from a mobile phone

Prototype automated inspection stations without test hardware

Smart cameras can automatically inspect from a PLC trigger, interval, or, in the case of video events, continuous capture. They can:

Integrate with existing automation

Install quickly where there is no existing automation

Run and perform inspections without an internet connection

Algorithms are simple to create and maintain

All data is saved, searchable and analyzed

Unlike a typical vision system, the Snap Platform saves all data from your process. Data is catalogued for easy search and analysis. Find new sources of yield loss and determine the root cause with data post-processing.

Deployment in as little as a week, with zero machine vision experience necessary

We support most hardware and are flexible across industrial environments. The Snap Platform includes easy-to-install smart cameras, webcam-based inspections in-lab settings, mobile inspections for field operators and even supports upgrading underperforming existing machine vision systems. Our rugged and reliable system can be deployed in as little as a week by teams with zero machine vision experience.

Integrates with your existing system and communicates across networks

Easily integrate a camera into a new or existing production system. Building rules to trigger alerts and communications can be done in a few minutes by anyone. Alerts or messages sent in:

More availability and less downtime with instant, best-in-class system support. 95% of setup, upgrades and troubleshooting can be done remotely. Issues are resolved in minutes instead of days through our remote connectivity.