OV20i AI Vision System

Powerful hardware. Best-in-class AI. Dead simple.

The AI Vision System for non-obvious defects.

Handles subtle soft-seated connector inspections with ease.

The OV20i handles the most subtle issues which are often missed by humans and other vision systems. Performs high-accuracy inspections from challenging angles and detects small deviations across multiple connectors simultaneously and swiftly.

Quickly setup tricky weld inspections.

The OV20i accurately inspects small deviations in good and bad welds. Our vision system generalizes quickly to perform well even on defects that it hasn’t seen before.

Efficiently tackle tough multi-point verifications.

The OV20i can handle many inspections on a given part simultaneously even if each inspection is completely different.

Now works on more applications than ever.

OV20i in the Factory.

Compact form factor. Flexible mounting. Multi-camera compatible.

Find out for yourself.