About Us

Next Generation Computer Vision Technology for
Complex Manufacturing

Our mission is to make factories more efficient in order to retain America's competitiveness in manufacturing.


At Overview we solve tough manufacturing problems. We make it easier to manufacture complicated things by creating inspection systems that are reliable and easy to use. We change real world processes to reduce waste and make factories more efficient. We specialize in providing reliable and adaptable systems for manufacturers of sophisticated products who make high-quality goods and need to remain cost-competitive in a global market.

We build our products to easily integrate with most existing production systems. We remove the need for factories to hire their own deep learning and computer vision experts. No programming experience is required to deploy and operate our products. Our systems get up and running in days not months. We have a robust team of computer vision and deep learning experts so that you don’t have to.

Who We Are

Overview exists because we want to build something that would have a positive impact on manufacturing for decades-to-come. We worked at Tesla for over a combined dozen years where we were connected to the most powerful technology. While building the Tesla Gigafactory, we found that the data we needed on the products and processes we were making was often hard or impossible to come by. Despite factories being some of the richest visual environments on earth, there was no good way to capture and analyze the thousands or millions of things that were happening on the floor each minute. The results were expensive quality errors, preventable downtime and a constant struggle to figure out why things broke and how to prevent them from happening again. Inspired by the lack of easy to use and deploy inspection systems we founded Overview. 

Join the Team​​

​We are looking for talented people who want to help bring this vision to life. If you don’t see a perfect fit here, it doesn’t mean we don’t need you! We’d love to hear from you. 

Lead Computer Vision Engineer

Junior Computer Vision Engineer

Leadership Team

Austin Appel

Co-Founder, Head of Product

Chris Van Dyke

Co-Founder, CEO

Russell Nibbelink

Co-Founder, Head of Software

Meet Our Partners

Overview is funded by Y Combinator, Bain Capital Ventures, and other leading Silicon Valley investors. Our customers include global leaders in manufacturing and industrial automation.

Russell Nibbelink

Co-founder & Head of Engineering
Russell is a co-founder and head of engineering of Overview. At Overview, Russell helps customers implement cutting edge high speed Deep Learning algorithms. Prior to joining Overview, he was a software engineer at Salesforce where he worked on web-scale infrastructure projects. Russell received his BS from UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering, where he helped teach a class on High Performance Computing.

Chris Van Dyke

Co-founder & CEO

Chris Van Dyke is a co-founder and the CEO of Overview. Prior to founding Overview, Chris spent eight years in manufacturing engineering at Tesla. Most recently, he led the 80 person battery design team through the launch of the Model 3. During which time he was principally responsible for taking the team from battery design to high-volume production. Earlier in his career at Tesla he managed the infrastructure and equipment design for the first Gigafactory project including equipment for supporting battery cell manufacturing. Chris also launched Tesla’s Electric Vehicle Supercharger Program, which currently has more than 16,000 stations nationwide.

Chris holds several patents of XYZ, and led custom equipment design for a major XYZ type of company while a Senior Engineer at H2Gen Innovations. Chris received his BS from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering and an MS from the University of Virginia in Chemical Engineering.

Austin Appel

Co-founder & Head of Product

Austin Appel is a co-founder and head of product of Overview. At Overview, Austin leads product development and operations. Prior to Overview, Austin spent four years at Tesla in roles across battery manufacturing and R&D. He led the DFM and automation efforts for Model 3 battery pack production at Tesla’s first Gigafactory. Previously he expanded Tesla’s production of Model S and X battery packs through equipment design and implementation. He holds a dual bachelors degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University.