Culture and Life

Come join a world class team

Whether you are remote or want to join us at our new office in San Francisco. If any of these keywords resonate with you, you are in the right place is an extremely multidisciplinary place

We are an end-to-end solution and product. Every employee at Overview gets exposure on everything from the hardware to the deep learning algorithms. We believe in highly autonomous and creative builders. We want every employee to thrive in what they are best at.

Everyone comes together to take factories into the future by making them smarter, safer, and cleaner. While we have a great office and lab space in San Francisco, we also have a vibrant remote culture.

Working at is an immersive experience in deep tech

We also however strive for team cohesiveness beyond work. We bring everyone from across the globe together once a quarter for team bonding activities, training, and strategy sessions. From online group gameplay, to in-person, high-speed karting at the Sonoma Raceway, we enjoy what we do together both on and off-the-clock. Work hard, play hard, right?

And we are a family friendly company!

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