OV20i Use Case - Bent Pins

The OV20i is an AI powered all-in-one vision system


Connector pins need to be perfectly straight, if they are not they can cause irreparable damage during assembly. With the OV20i and two parts you can inspect each pin for subtle bends. Normally this would be a time consuming process and prone to over or under rejection because there are so many pins.


As long as you can clearly see the pins and they are not overexposed, you are good to go. 

We separate out each pin as a region of interest, this allows us to quickly identify which pin/pins are defective after inspection. We add each pin to the same inspection type, this means we run the same inspection model on each pin, rather than having each pin have its own inspection model.


With only 4 images captured and 2 samples parts, we were able to create an inspection with close to 100% accuracy.


Whether there were 16 pins or hundreds, the process is the same. Fast to setup and near perfect accuracy. This same concept can be applied to other applications such as checking for fasteners, drill holes, stamp outs, and welds.

AI powered all-in-one vision system

With an onboard GPU, it allows you to create and deploy an automated inspection program in 30 minutes using only 20 samples, without software downloads or programming experience.

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