OV20i Use Case - Threadlocker Presence & Amount

The OV20i is an AI powered all-in-one vision system


When inspecting liquid such as threadlocker, adhesives, or primer, many vision systems cannot reliably judge good parts from bad due to variation. This is especially true with Loctite as it can look different depending on the part or how long it has had to cure.


The OV20i all-in-one AI vision system uses its powerful deep learning technology to make judgments despite many variables. Typical vision system nightmares for applications like this include glare, color inconsistencies, and variable amounts of threadlocker. By training in a variety of different bolt colors, ambient lighting conditions, amounts of Loctite, and time cured, the OV20i makes consistently accurate judgments. False failures and false positives on applications like this are eliminated.


All of the good parts have 2 threads or more of Loctite, but they have varying amounts of glare, ambient light, bolt color, and Loctite color (time cured).

The bad parts also have quite a bit of variation, but the deep learning model is able to discern good parts from bad without false positives or negatives.


Applications that would be simple for a human operator but challenging for an non-AI or less powerful AI vision system are simple for the OV20i. The power of its deep learning modeling allows it to anticipate variation in both good and bad parts, yielding consistent results.

AI powered all-in-one vision system

With an onboard GPU, it allows you to create and deploy an automated inspection program in 30 minutes using only 20 samples, without software downloads or programming experience.

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