OV20i Use Case - Shiny Parts

The OV20i is an AI powered all-in-one vision system


Inspecting cosmetic defects on parts has traditionally been a challenge. Cosmetic defects can come in all shapes and sizes and are subject to the opinions of visual inspectors. By using the OV20i AI powered inspection, you can standardize your cosmetic inspections.

Furthermore, inspecting shiny parts has also been a big challenge because it can be difficult for the camera to see the defects themselves. With the OV20i integrated photometric lighting, you can easily inspect shiny parts.


We start by turning on photometric mode in the imaging setup. This smartly stitches together multiple captures with different lighting. Photometric mode accentuates the defects, allowing us to see the scratches right through the direct glare.


Combining the AI aligner with the classifier, we are able to catch all the defects no matter the orientation. With only 5 bad parts, each photographed in multiple orientations, the OV20i produced a near perfect generalized inspection.

Additionally the final inspection will provide a heatmap allowing you to not only determine the part is bad, but also to visually locate where the defect is.


Consistent quality control in cosmetic defects is no longer challenging with the OV20i. It’s easy and intuitive to set up. These techniques can be applied to a variety of applications such as plastics, metals, finished goods, and packaging.

AI powered all-in-one vision system

With an onboard GPU, it allows you to create and deploy an automated inspection program in 30 minutes using only 20 samples, without software downloads or programming experience.

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