OV20i Use Case - Grease Check

The OV20i is an AI powered all-in-one vision system


With many vision applications, it’s not only tough for classical vision systems to see changes in a product, but it’s also challenging for human operators to see that a part has been through a certain process. Applying clear liquids like grease to a bearing is a prime example of this.


Detecting hard to see things such as translucent films or grease is already challenging, but it becomes that much tougher for most vision systems when you have variable part position like on a conveyor. By training in many different positions of this bearing with and without grease, the OV20i is able to discern good from bad grease levels regardless of whether the part is centered in the field-of-view or moving anywhere in the frame.


The OV20i is able to see whether the bearing has enough grease regardless of its position.


Even with variation in position of the part and the lighting conditions, the OV20i is able to see barely visible films like grease on this bearing. The OV20i’s extremely powerful deep learning AI allows it to accurately detect visual changes that are so subtle that other vision systems and people would struggle to classify.

AI powered all-in-one vision system

With an onboard GPU, it allows you to create and deploy an automated inspection program in 30 minutes using only 20 samples, without software downloads or programming experience.

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