OV20i Use Case -Assembly surge protector

The OV20i is an AI powered all-in-one vision system


Verify the correct assembly and proper electrical joint quality of a commercial surge protector. Solder joints, potting, an electrical shield, and proper connector seating are part of this assembly. At this facility safety critical joints can not be checked by the same individual who did the fabrication.


The OV20i mounted on a benchtop manual workstation with indexing nest was used to verify 16 crucial failure points. An operator simply has to put the assembly in the nest and push the camera trigger button. Without the automated system, a second individual is needed because this facility does not allow safety checks to be performed by the same operator who does the installation task. This automated check may also be part of a semi-automated line that is being considered.


Assembly checks can be fast to set up, because you can introduce a lot of errors without damaging parts. After a few hours of generating defects and testing in the different defect categories, the system began to do very well with all the inspections. Some of the inspection types were easy and didn’t require very much data: Potting and paper shield were easy to get working quickly.

Some required more data and iterating. The solder joints took several rounds of defect generation to get accurate, but worked well after diligent data collection.

With assembly checks how you set up your ROIs and inspection types is important so it helps to think ahead, but also to be willing to iterate and add more data when necessary.

Early testing

with some correct IDs and some incorrect ones

Later result

with more accurate IDs in all categories, but still some low confidence scores

Here’s an intermediate image with some correct IDs and some which are still incorrect. Looking at the early results is easy and allows the manufacturing engineer to add new examples. The model’s self reported confidence scores are a useful tool for the engineer building the system. Overview is more transparent about model results than other similar systems which makes it a lot easier for manufacturing engineers to build highly accurate models without specialized knowledge.

Early testing with some correct IDs and some incorrect ones
Later result with more accurate IDs in all categories, but still some low confidence scores

Once trained properly the system started working well. What was an error prone check that required a few minutes and a secondary individual could now be done instantly by the primarily operator.


Assembly use cases have a lot of advantages because defects can be generated on the fly and testing can be done quickly. Assembly checks can be powerful because the OV20i can change a large number of areas at one time–this one had 16, but other customers have done over 90 checks on the same view. If lighting needs to be adjusted to see different areas that can also be done automatically. By breaking up the assembly inspection zones you also can get good data on which parts of your system are more prone to defects. The OV20i is easy to integrate with SCADA or MES systems for long term granularity around failure rates and types. All of this can be done by generalist manufacturing engineers or technicians. No coding or vision experience needed.  

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