Use Case: CPG

Metal Can Inspection

Overview Deep Learning improves yields in high volume can manufacturing by automatically rejecting bad cans. The Snap Platform alerts in real time when successive defects occur to help operators fix problems immediately.


Metal can manufacturing processes are prone to small defects and anomalies, often on the inside of the can. Defects tend to come quickly and affect all successive cans, so detecting defects as quickly as possible for intervention is important to maintain production quality. A difficult imaging and inspection problem combined with very high throughput rates makes can inspection impossible for humans to do inline.

The Overview Solution

Our Deep Learning platform is able to make lightning quick decisions over multiple types of defects on the inside of the can.

How does the Deep Learning Work?

Easy integration combined with state of the art models


Consistent, reliable, 100% in-line coverage inspection removes slow end of line manual inspectors. Increases overall factory efficiency.

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