Automatically catch surface defects with AI

Instantly catch surface defects as well as your best QC people with just a few examples with the OV20i AI vision system.

And the best part?

You can train your OV20i to pass/fail/sort even the most complex parts — shiny, transparent, black-on-black — in less than a day.

Fill out the form — and you'll be able to book your demo directly with one of our product experts through a simple calendar booking tool.

Open the box and set it up

Pop the OV20i out of the box and you can have everything installed by the end of the day. It takes less than an hour to set visual inspections, from simple assembly checks to complex surface defect inspections. Onboard training and intuitive UI decreases onboarding time for the whole team.

Train the AI system, no experience necessary

Just like human employees, the system must be trained. But this AI learns very fast — with as little as five poor-quality images. And it doesn’t take an expert coder to operate. You can iterate models in minutes, not days, no AI experience required.

It works and keeps working — no upsell

The more data you feed the AI, the better it becomes. When a new product defect occurs, simply input the photo and tell the system to start tracking for that defect moving forward. Before long, it will learn to be like another you on the floor.

Don’t let defects damage your company’s reputation

Your company has a reputation to protect. But it’s not getting any easier with rising production and labor demands. Don’t burn yourself out. Support your QC team with the help of cameras that are always watching and an AI mind that’s learning. It’ll be like you never leave the production floor.

Take advantage of industrial automation now

Achieve the highest product quality with ease and consistency. Schedule a demo and see how with the OV20i, you can have an expert QC engineer on every production line, all the time.