OV20i AI Vision System

OV20i AI Vision System

about this camera:

The OV20i is the easiest to use, most accurate AI vision system on the market. No more false rejects or missed defects. It's all-in-one form factor and on-board GPU allow you to automate inspection in under an hour with no software downloads, specific computer or cloud connection. No previous vision experience required.


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The OV20i Delivers

Smart Alignment

Finds and aligns parts accurately reducing the need for fixtures and lighting.

AI Inspection Algorithms

Presence/absence, Quality grading, Assembly verification, Defect detection and classification.

I/O and Logic Builder

Control the onboard I/O with flexible drag-and-drop logic. Use Node-red to easily connect external systems.

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Reliable Assembly Verification

Difficult or subjective inspections are handled with ease using Overview's AI Classifier.

Quickly train and identify missing parts, incorrect assemblies, and anomalous defects, and more.

Versatile Logic and I/O

Complex inspection logic and integration code are now easy to write.

Quickly connect to all standard industrial device protocols. Fine tune your inspection criteria and reliably automate quality control.

Powerful surface defect detection

Hard-to-see or same color defects are no match for the OV20i's Defect Detection tool.

With as few as 5 samples, the OV20i accurately finds and categorizes defects taking your data beyond just pass/fail.

Continuous process inspection

Continuous manufacturing applications including flooring, textiles, and wire are made easy with the OV20i's high speed onboard GPU.

On-Device tools and HMI

The OV20i series cameras includes intuitive on-board HMI and software, allowing anyone to monitor the camera, see a history of captures and defects, and start training via a web browser through a direct connection or over your network.

Intuitive training tools

On-board training tools allows models to be quickly trained and deployed without deep learning expertise. Models can be iterated on in minutes, not days.

With industry-leading support, Overview’s deep learning application engineers are on hand to assist with algorithm development for all of your AI inspection tasks.

Model performance insight

Get a real-time view of how your model is performing. Isolate where and what type of defects occur during production.

Historical library of captures

Keep a visual log of all inspections and captures ever made. With expandable storage, up to a year of images can be stored on-board for later traceability, defect analysis, and retraining.

OV20i Specifications

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