Automated Quality Control and Traceability

Overview integrates image capture and AI into every step of the manufacturing process, helping your team accelerate product development, reduce rework, and improve yields.

Seamless quality control and traceability

Always have a traceable visual record of every unit built. Quickly review visual records of failed items, inspection results, and other issues with all of your data stored in a single repository.

Our intelligent AI can help you quickly identify the root cause of production problems and quality issues. Whether you are remote or on-site, always have access to the beat of your production line.

Make better real-time decisions
from anywhere

Easily search and analyze every part and product throughout the manufacturing process, from the moment when materials enter the factory to when final products are shipped.

Information is automatically captured via computer vision algorithms and combined with internal data, allowing you to quickly analyze inspection results, assembly details, and time spent at each station. Enabling your team to more effectively reduce recalls, quarantine times, and customer complaints.

Automate your inspection, no machine
learning expertise required

Our deep learning computer vision algorithms are designed specifically for manufacturing. Our algorithms learn your product over time and allow you to automate your inspection leading to improved yields and faster product ramp-ups.

Whether it is an anomaly on a complex part, verifying text, or pattern changes – our software can help you identify it and remove the need for costly manual inspection.

Easily integrates into
your workflow

Simply capture images with an Overview camera, your mobile  device, or an existing camera system

Remotely access the Overview dashboard via your tablet, computer, or mobile device

Easily integrate with your MES, PLC and other internal systems

Open API Access

Improve your factory performance

Whether its your first prototype or you are building at scale, Overview can help you build faster, improve your yields and reduce costs associated with scrap, rework, and returns.