Overview AI vision systems streamline visual inspection in just 1 day

Improve quality control across your factory the same day you take the OV20i automated vision system out of the box.

This AI deep learning system automatically detects missing parts, product defects, incorrect assemblies and anomalous defects.

Review the production data that matters to you with a visual log of all the inspections and captures ever made — no coding experience required.

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What automating QC can do for your factory

Improved yields

Simplify traceability

Accelerate timelines

Simple user interfaces

Out-of-the-box AI vision system for manufacturing

Eliminate human error by automating complex inspection tasks like defect detection, assembly verification and more. Inspect products at high speed or catalog shipments for damage disputes.

Improve defect detection with fewer labor requirements

Quality control automation accelerates your factory’s processes at a fraction of the cost. Inspect up to 30 parts a second and still get more information than manual inspections. Camera systems operate consistently 24/7, reducing production bottlenecks and staffing issues. And a year’s worth of images can be stored on board for later traceability, defect analysis, and retraining.

Easy on-site access and training tools

Monitor cameras, view capture and defect data, and perform training. Intuitive on-board HMI and software allows anyone to monitor the camera, see a history of captures and defects. The onboard training tools help operators quickly learn the system without any AI expertise.

Start saving time and money. It only takes a day to automate your factory’s visual inspections

Identify optimal lighting and software combinations for continuous factory line inspections

Algorithms are simple to create and maintain

All data automatically saved and analyzed

Integrates with existing systems to communicate across networks

Take advantage of industrial automation now

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