OV200 Deep Learning Vision System

Solve the most difficult inspection tasks with the OV200 deep learning vision system

  • Overview’s OV200 deep learning camera system solves complex inspection tasks such as defect detection, assembly verification, and counting
  • OV200 deep learning software incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms with intuitive user interfaces, eliminating the need for deep learning expertise
  • Edge computing eliminates the need for complicated camera integration and simplifies deployment
  • Project inception to project completion in days, not months

Overview’s suite of modular tools combine the best of traditional rules-based systems with advanced deep learning algorithms to solve any vision task in manufacturing.

    • Classifier – high accuracy object presence, assembly verification and defect detection
    • Anomaly detector – achieve advanced defect detection with minimal training samples
    • Software counting – reliably count parts
    • OCR – Identifying and reading characters and barcodes
    • Measurement – make dimensional measurements
    • Inline code editing – easily add image preprocessing or custom glue logic with the built-in Python & OpenCV editor

Robust defect classification

Deep learning-based classification enables robust inspections in previously difficult applications.

With the easy Classifier tool, quickly train and identify missing parts, incorrect assemblies, and anomalous defects, all at the edge.

Versatility in inspection

Tools can be combined and chained together to make multiple inspections on a part at once. When combined with a powerful suite of traditional vision tools, applications can be solved in hours, not weeks.

One-class anomaly detection

With the anomaly detection tool, the OV200 can learn from only good samples, greatly reducing the time needed for a working algorithm. When trained on a small number of good samples, the OV200 can alert when a new part is anomalous over a user-defined threshold.

Continuous inspection

Continuous manufacturing applications (boards, flooring, textiles, and wire and cable) are supported with state-of-the-art anomaly detection models. 

With Overview’s engineering support, the best lighting and software combination can be identified, ensuring success for any continuous inspection project.

“We couldn’t be happier with the solution Overview provided; their engineering and customer support was truly outstanding. We can now quickly verify the status of a manufactured component or complete system because we have a visual record. Artificial intelligence and automation have eliminated the complexity of finding good and bad parts, leading to zero defects in the manufacturing process. This approach is extremely accurate and cost-effective”.

Geoff Lefeber
Vice President of Operations
MPE, Inc

Web-based tools and HMI

The OV200 series cameras includes intuitive on-board HMI and software, allowing anyone to monitor the camera, see a history of captures and defects, and start training via a web browser over the network.


Optional cloud connectivity enables improved model accuracy, remote monitoring and management, and always-on support from Overview engineers.

Intuitive training tools

On-board training tools allows models to be quickly trained and deployed without deep learning expertise. Models can be iterated on in minutes, not days. 

With an optional cloud connection, Overview’s deep learning engineers are on hand to assist with algorithm development for the most difficult inspection tasks.


Model performance insight

Get a real-time report on how your model is performing. Isolate where and what type of defects occur during production. 

With an optional cloud connection, Overview provides continuous retraining for any OV200 system to maintain state-of-the-art accuracy. OV200 is the only system that guarantees accuracy over time.

Historical library of captures

Keep a visual log of all inspections and captures ever made. With expandable storage, up to a year of images can be stored on-board for later traceability, defect analysis, and retraining.


OV200 Specifications
Imaging Sensor
1.6MP/5MP 60fps Global Shutter (Color or B/W)
12mm or 16mm variable focal length
3x inputs, 2x outputs (5V to 24V)
Other IO
RS485, RS232, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, MQTT
Hardware trigger / software trigger / free-run
24VDC, typical 15W
On board configurable LED lighting
82mm (W) x 121mm (H) x 53mm (D)
Expandable up to 256GB

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