Simply the most flexible inspection product on the market.

Any product, any process, any machine, any assembly...
100% coverage.

Built from the ground up to get all the benefits of custom for the price of a one-sized-fits all solution.

Flexible Triggering

Multiple capture options means easier installs:

Flexible Outputs and Alerting

Using the capture results effectively shouldn’t be hard. Overview.ai has gone above and beyond to make sure you get the most out of your system. Flexible output options means faster ROI:

Flexible Algorithms

With 9 state-of-the-art vision modules that can be seamlessly combined in thousands of ways, there is no use case that Overview.ai can’t fit to perfectly.

Flexible Dashboard

Every factory operation is different. Overview.ai’s flexible dashboard has dozens of operator modules that can be configured in infinite ways. Every customer get a custom dashboard that is perfectly tailored to your unique way of doing things.

Flexible Compute Hardware

If you have a high speed inspection use case or a low margin application, our line of compute hardware scales to every need.

Flexible Cameras

We never compromise on image quality. By not restricting what camera you use, you always get the best image for your use case.

Color Cameras

For true-to-life pictures so good you can send them to your customers. Whether it’s a fast or slow inspection, Overview.ai always offers a color camera option.

Line Scan Cameras

We are proud to offer support for continuous manufacturing operations. High speed color line scan cameras don’t miss an inch of inspection on continuous products.

IP and Security Cameras

Overview.ai software works with most existing IP and security cams making installs even easier.

Existing vision systems

Don’t replace existing vision systems, simply upgrade them. If the vision integration heavy lifting is already done but the inspection results are subpar we can connect our platform with most existing machine vision cameras.

Flexible lens adapters

Whether it’s small or large, close or far, effortlessly fit the optical lens that makes the most sense for your application.