By role: for operators

The Snap Platform is designed to seamlessly integrate at all levels of your manufacturing operation.

The Snap Platform is the most flexible and comprehensive platform out there built to keep up with your internal growth.

For operators

The Snap Platform is connected so you can monitor and stop your machines from anywhere.

Designed for

Designed for Operators



Much more than a camera

The Snap Platform is designed for usability on the factory floor. By having a completely customizable runtime page we support almost any vision application in real time. Whether you want to display the latest set of defects, the current production numbers, or a live stream of the camera, we have you covered.

The Snap Platform easily integrates with other data streams and can display that information is real time.

The Snap Platform allows for customizable alerts from stack lights, to emails, to SMS so you can always be informed of quality issues in real time.