By role: for management

The Snap Platform is designed to seamlessly integrate at all levels of your manufacturing operation.

The Snap Platform is the most flexible and comprehensive platform out there built to keep up with your internal growth.

For management

Better quality enables manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce cost, and grow to address untapped commercial opportunities. Better quality is the gauge that keep clients and end users coming back. The Snap Platform doesn’t just tell you about defects, it also helps you improve your yield over time.

Designed for

VPs/Directors of Operations



Plant Managers

VPs/Directors of Quality

VPs/sDirector of Manufacturing

VPs/Directors of Continuous Improvement

Much more than a camera

The cameras produce way more than just a pass/fail result. The Snap Platform allows you to centralize all the data across your cameras into a cataloger, optimized for scale. We have layered tools to help you get the most out of your data.

Data driven root cause analysis

Tooling to allow you to see the most common defect types, when and how they occur. Visualizations allow you to map where the defects most commonly occur.

Flexible filter and data search

Find any piece of information or data search instantly.

Business Intelligence

Easily create custom graphs from every inspection point or across your entire plant. You can unlock new insights like:

Designed for

Understanding which lines are performing better

Understanding which shifts are performing better

Aggregate yield percentages

Measuring if overall quality is improving

Having a permanent historical image record of your production has long term value by reducing recall risk by having images of all products. 

Overview cameras are structured to continuously improve. This removes the risk of obsolescence and unnecessary deprecation.