By role: for engineers

The Snap Platform is designed to seamlessly integrate at all levels of your manufacturing operation.

The Snap Platform is the most flexible and comprehensive platform out there built to keep up with your internal growth.

For engineers

The Snap Platform is end-to-end. You have full control and you can optimize the way you want to. You can choose the best trigger, and the best integration that optimizes your quality operations. Deep Learning is a fundamental paradigm shift. Vision is now solved with data and not algorithm development. This means that you can always easily improve the camera’s performance.

Designed for

Process Engineers

Quality Control Managers

Quality Control Engineers

Continuous Improvement Engineers

Controls Engineers

Manufacturing Engineers

Much more than a camera

Using the advanced tooling on The Snap Platform allows your to continuously improve your quality operations. Data driven root cause analysis is now possible. Overview cameras continuously improve over time. If new failure modes are introduced by ageing equipment, Overview cameras can quickly rise to the challenge.

Each Overview camera is continuously supported

24/7 monitoring to ensure cameras are working as expecte

Problems get resolved in minutes not days

Understanding which shifts are performing better

Because of the advanced Deep Learning that we deploy, we support more use cases than ever before. We can also increase the scope of your current and existing use cases. Most vision systems inspect a subset of defects, but with Overview cameras you can catch all defects with high accuracy. 

Whatever the extremes of the inspection problem, Overview’s hardware agnostic approach can find the right hardware for your problem.